Awards & Accolades

We are proud to have received the following awards and accolades:


Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Grant Recipient - 2013



"Metro's Best Community Involved Art Studio" - 2008



"Non-Profit of the Year: Arts, Cultures, and Humanities"  - 2008


"Most Daring Re-Imagining of a Classic" - 2017

"Best WTF (In A Good Way)" - 2012
"Best Arts Multitaskers" - 2011
"Best Arts Programming" - 2010
"Best Champion of Grass Roots Arts and Culture: Bob Devin Jones, Artistic Director" - 2010
"Best Art Gallery" - 2008
"Best Film Series" - 2008
"Best Art Gallery (Readers Poll)" - 2007
"Best Programming" - 2006
"Best New Gallery" - 2005
"Best of the Bay" - 2004


"... a gallery and cultural center that generates local buzz through diverse programming."

"On the blank canvas of The Studio@620, its founders meld a variety of art forms and communities to create a center for cool in downtown St. Petersburg."

"A downtown St. Pete arts scene without The Studio@620 would be like milk without cookies: pretty bland, in my book."

15 People to Watch in 05 - "A well known proponent of St. Petersburg and its downtown artist community, Bob Devin Jones recently added another title to his resume, that of Artistic Director. In ’05, he’ll dedicate much time and talent to running St. Pete’s new Studio@620."